Since the NFL adopted its latest overtime rules in 2012, there have been just five ties across the league. I was in the locker room for one — the October 2014 tie between the Panthers and Bengals — and no Luke Kuechly Jerseys one feels great about them. Seemingly after every tie comes two things: a quote that the outcome felt like kissing one's sister, and one young player on the team who didn't know ties in the NFL were possible.There Cam Newton Jerseys may be more sister-smooching and oblivious rookies in the near future. League owners passed a rule Tuesday to shave Star Lotulelei Jerseys five minutes off of the NFL's regular-season overtime, which has consisted of 15 minutes of sudden-death play since the league added an extra period in 1974. Since the 2012 season there have been 83 Greg Olsen Jerseys overtime games, 22 of which have lasted more than 10 minutes. That works out to 26.5% of the past five seasons' overtime games that, theoretically, would have been affected by Tuesday's rule change.I say theoretically because it would be logically irresponsible to assume that nothing would change if both teams knew they had 10 minutes rather than 15 minutes. Where a team may run it on second-and-4 from midfield with 5:06 left to play in OT, it certainly would attempt a Hail Mary in that same position with six seconds remaining. *(You'll see three examples of this in the 2015 season section below.).I took Jonathan Stewart Jerseys that into account as much as possible when reviewing every overtime game since 2012 in an effort to determine how many of those 22 that stretched beyond 10 minutes would have affected that season's playoff picture. This exercise showed that several teams would have had their postseason fates altered had this rule change come along within the past five years — new division winners, a reshuffling of seeds and even a reigning Super Bowl champ that missed the playoffs the next season actually getting in.